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  • フランスの非実在青少年規制:なぜこうなった?   1 week 4 days ago


  • This loser is you: the appeal of netorare   9 weeks 2 days ago

    This is honestly such a conflicting genre. I understand the appeal, but I absolutely loathe it because I've had real life pain from this sort of situation, and it makes me want to see the girl and her new lover die in a violent accident at the end. I guess all an S&M thing though? They get off on the pain? Meh, it's just not good for fapping.

  • Test your lolicon level (updated)   14 weeks 15 hours ago

    14 get on my level ^^

  • This loser is you: the appeal of netorare   27 weeks 1 day ago

    As for NTR I don´t get why is it so popular or is it that man actually enjoy destroying nice relationship between two lovers? So far I´ve read only one hentai work where NTR is used as revenge against bullies with that I agree. In my opinion bullies are nothing but morons who thinks they are cool or something like that. In fact they are loosers themselves. They are targeting weak or those who don´t fight back and if they if they found someone who stand up against them they attack in group. Where is that cool man fair fight? In my eyes bullies are nothing but garbage. And when they see that they cannot win it is them who are running crying faster than those who they bullied. As for NTR in generall I don´t like this even thougt I read it, but in hope for some happy end but as far it only shows female stupid mindbreak and betrayal and turning her into slut. this girl can die as I care also those who are raping her. As you can guess I don´t like rape too. It is simple not respecting of right of others and this also begin when you start manipulating someone. Well I think NTR also show how humans are. Good win evil loose? this is fairtail so it can not be true or real. Evil guys wins because good people do not fight back. They don´t want to become evil too using methods of evil because there is risk of good person to become evil person. So far from I experienced I noticed that if you hate someone a lot you are bound to became like that person but you won´t notice that and do anything to deny this. Is Life just too cruel? No, it is people that are cruel, people want to be cruel looking like they are good ones. As a living kind we are the worst. I don´t say we should disappear but we say what it means to be human ect. but we are doing opposite. We are our own doom and when the time comes it won´t matter good or bad person, sinner or innocent, adult or kid. But we will drag also other living things with us because that is us. Sorry for my bad english and long text but I had to write something like that.

  • This week in not being evil: “loli” spirited away from Google search results   33 weeks 1 day ago

    Try going to the next page of Google results (or click the "Try for yourself" link I conviently put up there), and see how far you can go.

    As I said, many hits are announced on the first page (if you just query the word itself; more precise queries tend to turn up nothing at all), but as soon as you move forward, poof.

  • This week in not being evil: “loli” spirited away from Google search results   33 weeks 1 day ago

    I think your government is doing this and not Google.

    Just saying...

  • Anison classification from unsupervised lexical clustering   38 weeks 6 days ago

    I’m really interested with your NLP research on Anison. I want to replicate your method and use it with large sums of Japanese Anime Subs DB. Now I come to a problem with clustering, I’d like to know the format of raw data used before it converted into the .mat file. Basically what I’m trying to do is to convert a csv containing word and its occurrence frequencies on each line but find no luck when clustering them.

  • About   41 weeks 3 days ago

    Very nice blog!
    thank you for your post! very instructive!

  • This loser is you: the appeal of netorare   42 weeks 7 hours ago

    There have been several of those actually, and yes it's usually tagged as NTR. They aren't common, but they do exist.

    I do admit that I enjoy these, though when the girl is stolen from a better looking guy rather than some fat, ugly, older man, I find it extremely repulsive, (although admittedly just as if not more arousing--though I usually hate myself for it). Also the more closer I get to the MC, I guess it gets more repulsive and... admittedly arousing.

    I guess it's kind of telling of some inner issues I've had in my life, and possibly some minor but still relevant personal experiences. I just can't handle them, even though I find I've come back to many of them.

  • This loser is you: the appeal of netorare   42 weeks 2 days ago

    I assume that, like rape fantasy, those who enjoy the genre know that the reality would be too horrific to be pleasurable. This happens through all walks of life from children playing with toy guns to people watching movies about demonic manifestation and enjoying it.

  • An open letter to CNN by Nogami Takeshi   46 weeks 4 days ago

    I think my comment already got posted, but you have no idea how this hurts rape victims. You don't even care. No one cares about us. No one cares. I hope one day you are all raped like the people in these games are, that way you can see how much it hurts.

  • An open letter to CNN by Nogami Takeshi   46 weeks 4 days ago

    You will never understand how this hurts rape victims. You people will never understand. 私、日本人だ。犯された。このゲームは悪いよ。

  • This loser is you: the appeal of netorare   48 weeks 1 day ago

    > Also, I dont think thats very possible when the character is an ugly fat old dirty sometimes monsters, unless you are a reclusive dork who hates sociaty and women for your own lack of success in social affairs and thus see youself taking revenge, which I dont think is often the case.

    You already understood it.

    Usually ugly fat old men are also defined as rich people with actual power in the society, so they're not only taking away the regular people's lives but also their loves. There are nothing left for a normal person in the society, except being enslaved.

    Young fat useless guy who control female characters by sex however are just for losers because it's easier to think in their shoes.

  • This loser is you: the appeal of netorare   48 weeks 1 day ago

    Because they've been suppressed by the society, works, bosses, and foreigners(mainly white)' advantages, they don't wanna fight back even in a fantasy word, but instead feel their powerless in real life and everything taken away from them.

  • About   1 year 1 week ago

    Great!! Thanks you!

  • Google removes lolicon site from search results   1 year 6 weeks ago

    now I hate Google for doing that what do they understand about Otaku or Lolicon -_- pedophile & lolicon are totally a different thing -_- I really hate Google now you stupid Google -_-

  • フランスの非実在青少年規制:なぜこうなった?   1 year 18 weeks ago



  • Test your lolicon level (updated)   1 year 22 weeks ago

    14... i am the chosen one.

  • Test your lolicon level (updated)   1 year 23 weeks ago

    13... send help.

  • The first “CG child pornography” arrest: more opportunistic enforcement   1 year 27 weeks ago

    Hello. My name is Christian Hernandez.

    Long time ago, I was the writer of "Rorikon Blogspot".

    I researched rorikon culture in Japan. Some of the materials I've been checked (as Sumiko Kiyooka's nude photobooks) are still in the National Diet Library.

    LDP hates otaku and hates rorikon, too. They want that the otaku freedom disappear.

    I hate LDP, specially Abe Shinzo.

    Thanks for writing about this topic in your page.

    Please, check my blog (in Spanish language):

  • The first “CG child pornography” arrest: more opportunistic enforcement   1 year 28 weeks ago

    > Well, you have convinced me that the bill will most probably pass. :( Politics in Japan look quite depressing nowadays.

    Depressing it is. Not sure what simple voters, let alone foreigners, can do to try and influence the ongoing process. High-profile opponents of the bill actually discussing the matter in party meetings (esp. Akamatsu Ken) do seem to have had a measure of influence, though, so who knows.

    > By the way, you Internet Archive link is wrong (it points to one of the previous URL instead of the link posted by Yaraon).

    Fixed, thanks!

  • The first “CG child pornography” arrest: more opportunistic enforcement   1 year 28 weeks ago

    Well, you have convinced me that the bill will most probably pass. :( Politics in Japan look quite depressing nowadays.

    By the way, you Internet Archive link is wrong (it points to one of the previous URL instead of the link posted by Yaraon).

  • What is child pornography in Japan?   1 year 28 weeks ago

    The people behind the current bill are basically the same as the ones responsible for drafting the 1999 law and who have been insisting for years that nothing was wrong with the current definition, so I suppose turning around might be politically complicated (though it's admittedly not very likely that the general public probably would notice).

    Another issue is possibly that drawing attention to the definition would spur discussions over the overbroad aspects of it as well, which is something they really do not want: as an instrument for social control (on the law enforcement side) and moral activism (on the religious conservative side), the law does a much better job if it includes a broad swath of widely available, harmless material while missing a chunk of the extremely rare, genuinely awful stuff than the contrary. Or to put it in a way that makes it sound less conspirational, perhaps, the Think Of The Children crowd doesn't care about gory pictures that come up in a couple of criminal investigations a year if that; they're concerned about things that real, upstanding mothers and grandmothers have a chance to get incensed over when it's found in the neighbor's bedroom. So dirty manga magazines rather than recorded evidence of child rape.

    In other jurisdictions, though, people unconnected with the current bill's proponents have pushed for legislation that targets the correct type of material. For example, Osaka prefecture has passed a local regulation in 2011 that bans simple possession of “recording of child abuse”; the way they define it can arguably be interpreted a bit too broadly, and even for that type of stuff I think banning possession is a bad idea, but it's clearly a comparatively level-headed example, especially considering the fact that it was passed over complaints about junior idol videos.

    As for the Wikileaks article, I agree that it is a very interesting read.

  • What is child pornography in Japan?   1 year 28 weeks ago

    Or to take this a little further, what are the political motivations behind making this specific law rather than making say, a harsher, less loophole-ridden revision to the existing law if one wants to be like THINK OF THE CHILDREN?

    Also, I guessed (incorrectly) before mousing over the Falkvinge links that those links were going to be to the Wikileaks tell-all from a child pornographer, which has some fascinating stuff in there (and also thinks that possession and possibly even purchasing should not be illegal due to the massive botnets of zombie PCs that child pornography rings use for storing images and handling commercial transactions.)

  • What is child pornography in Japan?   1 year 29 weeks ago

    That's an interesting question! It's impossible to give a definitive answer, as interested parties certainly won't ever give you their actual motivations, but one can speculate.

    First, commenting on the points you raise, one can probably say that:

    • The current government does in fact have a relatively broad conservative agenda (or perhaps more properly a “reactionary” one: Abe's campaign slogan is 日本を、取り戻す。 “Bringing Japan Back!”), and this particular bill is far from being the most salient aspect of it—that would probably be constitutional revision, especially the repeal of Article 9 of the constitution making Japan a “peaceful” country, which has been an obsession of the LDP since forever. It's an issue that the general public couldn't care less about, and still the party is putting it to the forefront.
    • Surely, most voters have completely forgotten the previous bill, but voters have much less influence on LDP policy drafting than bureaucrats and special interest groups, and they (in this case, some of the brass in the National Police Agency and single-issue lobbying groups) haven't forgotten. There probably is a sense of “we've kicked out the dirty commies, now is time for revenge” there.
    • The government seems to have unlimited supplies of political capital at this point. The cabinet itself enjoys support numbers in the 60's; opinion polls put party support for the LDP (around 42%) at 7 times that of the next party (DPJ under 6%); the recent Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly election was a crushing victory for the LDP/Komeito coalition, and the House of Councillors election in two weeks is projected to be one as well. None of the numerous blunders of cabinet members, none of the dubious policies taken by the government since it came to power seem to have changed that. So in terms of expending political capital, such an obscure issue as child pornography law reform is pocket change.
    • I say “obscure” because it has been largely ignored in the mainstream media. NHK news, for example, has perhaps devoted a few seconds to the introduction of the bill (though I don't even remember clearly if they have), and that was it: zero screen time was given to the negative reactions by various organizations, let alone to the problems they raised, etc. The same applies to most mainstream media outlets.
    • Moreover, even if political calculus mattered, I can't imagine pushing a bill like that being anything else than a net positive, electorally speaking. Appearing tough on crime against children probably wins many more votes (especially among older voters, who have much higher turnout numbers) than you're likely to lose by ruffling some feathers among otaku free-speech activists, liberal intellectuals and the contents industry (it's not like most of them were LDP voters to begin with). In fact, we've seen that in the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly election already: the assemblymen who had fought hard against Ishihara et al.'s Bill 156 have done poorly; it's difficult to say what role their efforts had in that outcome, but they sure didn't help much.

    This should give an idea of why the LDP/the cabinet are free to push that issue if they want to. As for why some people inside the LDP feel so strongly about it, it's probably largely ideological. High-ranking LDP officials like Noda Seiko and Takaichi Sanae have ties with single-issue lobbying groups such as UNICEF Japan and ECPAT Tokyo (both of which, despite their names, focus most of their activities towards censorship activism; ECPAT Tokyo e.g. is a sister organization of the 日本キリスト教婦人矯風会 Japan Christian Women Association for Moral Reform).