Marisa's Adventure in Wonderland: now shipping worldwide

A few weeks ago, ahm (who is a regular contributor at Welcome Datacomp), posted this incredible video on Youtube, “reviewing” a lovely Touhou doujinshi in the form of a child's pop-up book, COSMIC FORGE's Fushigi no kuni no Marisa.

“Doujinshi + Carrollian references + children's book” is a winning formula, period, especially by our standards at Add to that a healthy serving of tongue-in-cheek intellectual wankery, and you get something that ought to receive everyone's attention.

This prompted us to translate ahm's review for a Japanese-speaking audience, which got us in touch with people from circle COSMIC FORGE expressing pleasure at foreigners enjoying their work. We suggested that they might get wider international exposure by using the services of a doujinshi online store shipping worldwide, such as Manga Pal.

Today, I'm happy to announce that this is a done deal, and that Fushigi no kuni no Marisa is available for purchase on the Manga Pal web store. Apparently, Manga Pal also intends to carry the book at upcoming events in France and Taiwan.

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