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Updates are uncommon but always worth reading
A look into anime from inner Japan
wah and friends comment on anime and visual culture
A group blog of good guys (mostly :p)
It's always a relief to know someone worse than yourself :3
Zepy on what matters
Translator Dan Kanemitsu blogs rarely, but when he does, it's always a must-read
Alex Leavitt's media studies approach to anime
TheBigN and friends
Because there is no such thing as overanalysis
Enthusiasm :)
The blogosphere's leading seiyuu ota
Shingo is back
Not Safe For Wallet
Newlywed jpmeyer and hinano's rants
pKjd's otaku newswire
Otaku who likes fujoshi
Omo's somewhat abstruse analyses
Randall Fitzgerald in text, audio and video; not suitable for moralfags
A litcrit approach to anime
Anime criticism with an academic twist